FastPass Self-service and Syncronization of passwords

Self-service passwords
The most frequent call into the IT service desk is password recovery related calls, in many cases 25-35% of all calls. With FastPass self-service passwords, you get todays’ most efficient solution and process allowing users to help themselves, thereby releasing the service desk to deal with more important tasks. With FastPass processes and best practices you can help users navigate more than 90% of their password situations – and that means happier users.

We offer the FastPass solution as an easy to implement on-premise solution.

FastPass password synchronization
If you think SSO (Single Sign-On) is too complex or too expensive then consider synchronizing passwords from your Active Directory to your IBM iSeries, SAP, Oracle or SQL systems. With FastPass you can get a solution up fast and easy, while giving your users just one password to remember – and one less call to IT Support!

You can reduce password synchronization complexity since you don’t need to change any user processes. Just inform them, that they now have the same password for all systems – they just have to change password when Windows asks them to!

Password Security
Any password self-service solution must have the highest standards for security. FastPass is designed and developed with this in mind.
Furthermore we regularly certify the WEB application security from an external certification institute. In 2016 Indusface Ltd has certified that FastPass SW plus security recommendations are safe to operate.

The certification was against the leading standards:  PCI-DSS, OWASP and SANS-CYBER.


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